The Celtic Chair    Prices from £500

Tennon Tail Chair 


The chair may be used for chakra balancing or energy work encouraging an open and receptive sitting position. This design encorporates 7 chakra crystals which are inset into the backrest.



Hinge Tail Chair

The celtic chair has evolved from the Viking chair which was rustic and simply made from two rough planks of wood. Our chairs are hand crafted in our workshop in mid-Wales from Douglas fir and spruce of the forests of Snowdonia national park. Each design is unique and can be made with or without the chakra crystals inset.




Sound/Energy healing chakra chair


There are numerous Energy healers, Sound therapists and Reiki practitioners who would benefit from using this unique chair. One advantage is the ability to fold it flat for transportation using less space than the conventional "massage table" when used for therapies. Many clients find climbing on and

off a table difficult, and for many, lying flat

can be a problem.


The chair is comfortable to sit on and the therapist can walk around it with complete access to the client.


 Short tail


Every chair has its own individual identity and can be given a name from our list from Celtic mythology or alternatively any name of your choice




The chairs stand 1.2m tall (48 inches) and are hand-made in our workshop in Mid-Wales, from Douglas fir and spruce of the forests of Snowdonia National Park. Each chair in completely unique, there are no two the same! There are no metal fixings, the chair is braced by wooden wedges.


The design incorporates the Celtic cross with its ring, as seen on stone carvings from thousands of years ago.