A selection of our designs

The seven healing crystals inset correspond with the principle chakra (energy) points on the body and have therapeutic qualities appropriate to each position.


The chair is treated with clear, water-based preservative and finished with several coats of teak oil to stabalise and give the timber its most natural look. Further coats every two or three years will help to maintain the condition of the chair.

  • Crown chakra. Quartz. Clear. Ambition, programmability, clearing, cleaning, clarity.
  • Third eye chakra. Amethyst. Purple. Insight, intuition, awareness, spirituality.
  • Throat chakra. Sodalite. Blue. Intuitivity, insight, mental performance.
  • Heart chakra. Aventurine. Green. Vitality, growth, confidence, optimism, life force.
  • Solar plexus chakra. Calcite. Yellow. Playfulness, creativity, sexuality, innovation.
  • Sacral chakra. Carnelian. Orange. Confidence, courage, creativity, detoxification.
  • Root chakra. Hematite. Dark metallic grey. Grounding, manifestation, sense of self.