The Sound Therapy Chair

The Sound Therapy Chair  £950

With its seven chakra crystals and twelve tuneable guitar strings this simple but very effective therapy chair is not just a work of art but also a perfect tool to add to the therapists' treatment room to offer a unique, magical and highly beneficial experience to their clients.


The twelve guitar strings mounted behind the back rest in two sets of six can be tuned to any chords. The sound is projected forward by the apertures carved out for the Celtic cross design and resonated strongly towards the sitter, penetrating deep into the body and mind.


The effect is soothing and sophorific and helps to resolve energy issues.

Made in Douglas fir from the forests of the Snowdonia National Park it is sturdy and rigid, braced by two wooden wedges, stands 1.2m tall (48") and has a normal sitting height.

The two sets of six strings can be tuned with the aid of the electronic tuning device (supplied) and our full instruction sheet and with a little practice accurate tuning can be achieved.

We recommend the use of an A major chord and A major 7th chord. they both contrast and compliment each other. Usually written as Amaj and Amaj7. The maj7 chord has a slightly uncomfortable sound as if a question is being asked. The maj chord has a comfortable and reasuring feel (resolution) as if the question is being answered.



Musical instruments are normally tuned to A=440Hz but we recommend A=432Hz which is a slightly lower pitch and thought to be the resonant frequency of the earth and the universe. 432 also occurs in interesting ways in maths and in nature, pyramids and the Stonehenge layout and many believe has connections with the spiritual aspects of humanity. 432Hz is often referred to as the healing frequency.


Sounds complicated? Not really, the electronic tuner does all of the work for you.


Listening to 432Hz frequency resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our conciousness.


432Hz helps us to connect with the wisdom of the universe creating unity and harmony, expanding our hearts making us compassionate and loving. Everything has an optimum range of vibration (frequency) called resonance . When we are in resonance we are in balance. Resonance effects the way we perceive our environment and that perception influences how our bodies function right down to the molecular level.